Chad Vermillion is a brilliant and inspired musician whose passion for the guitar knows no bounds. Having studied for over 19 years under such masters  from all over the world, Chad is an extremely well-rounded virtuoso in Spanish, South American, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, and other popular guitar styles and can provide the perfect mood for any event. 

He can play a Bach sonata and then turn right around and crank out a Flamenco dance, rock anthem, Beatles classic, blues jam, or a modern club-song. His extensive repertoire, creative arrangements, expanded sound, and technical virtuosity is unmatched by any single musician!  Whatever the event, he has the music to make it fabulous.

The key to the perfect party is the right atmosphere, so leave that iPod at home and raise the bar with live-music. Whether your event calls for a quiet easy-listening set or some rocking dance-classics, Chad can transform a normal gathering into an unforgettable experience. Using modern sound equipment and looping technology to create electronic, acoustic-folk, chamber, or symphonic effects while performing, Chad is the pinnacle of one-man shows with high-entertainment value. 

The perfect musician will elevate your event from the ordinary to the exceptional. The music matters; that’s why you choose Chad. He has an easy and compact set-up and is perfect for for any size venue. Whether you want to sit back and enjoy the show, or enjoy an intimate atmosphere of background music, Chad is a pro who brings class, energy, and excellence. 
Whether it’s formal or casual, giant party or intimate gathering, Chad will add a unique and beautiful touch to your wedding plans. His repertoire includes everything from the traditional, classic wedding songs to popular romantic favorites. He can also incorporate your own special songs and will help you make the process of music selection as easy and trouble-free as possible.

For your reception, forget the expensive band or DJ. Hire Chad for all or part of it and get a technical virtuosity  with a massive sound at a fraction of the cost. Some like to hire Chad for the entire reception while others like to have him play for the cocktail hour while guests are arriving. Either way, you WON’T regret having Chad set the mood.